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Hello, You Big-Hearted Badass Woman


You want to share what you create, though something seems to be holding you back.

If you need someone to talk to, to help you get clarity, to help you get started, you're in the right place.

Let's talk about all your awesome ideas! Let me help you bring those ideas to life!

I love to talk and I love to listen.

I love donuts and Holy Shit moments!

Hi, I'm Kris. I am a Spiritual Life Coach, Reiki Master, and Infinite Possibilities Trainer.

I love digging into the stories we tell ourselves about what we can and can't have. I will help you discover and challenge your limiting beliefs, heal their origin, and then build a powerful positive manifestation practice.

You know how powerful your words and beliefs are, and I can help you align your beliefs with your dream life.

3 ways to work with me


Whether in a one off session or in a package, get your Badass Kris fix, change your mindset, change your life!


Choose my One Card Video Reading to find clarity and uplift your energy!


You can find my Free meditations on Insight Timer, or get your Personalized Recorded Healing Meditation !

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In a Year

How much can your life change in a year?

Join me for a daily gratitude practice to deepen appreciation for all we have now and give gratitude for all that will come.

Each weekday morning I will share my daily Reiki prayer, an object of appreciation to find that high vibe, then we shift our focus with that high vibe to an object of desire for 17 seconds. 

We are Fucking Amazing Women Facebook Group

Join my Facebook group where amazing women hang out, share their journeys and get help, accountability and support.

The Worthy Kitchen

Limiting beliefs pop up everywhere. On family pizza nights, I would often deny myself the toppings I really wanted, like artichoke hearts and bell pepper, because I told myself they were too expensive and I was the only one who would eat them.

Of course I buy nearly everything my kids and husband request.

Now I'm talking about these mindset issues on my YouTube channel The Worthy Kitchen. I dig into the sneaky ways our limiting beliefs keep us from enjoying the food and flavors we love. Because we are worthy.