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Get to know me a little better ...

 I am Kris, Affirmation Maven, Mindset Coach and Nasty Journaler...

I love donuts and Holy Shit moments.

Coach, Affiminatrix and Mindset Maven

I discovered the power of Affirmations when I was planning an unmedicated birth, pregnant with baby #1. Repeating the lines of affirmations and trusting in the wisdom of my body gave me the confidence I needed.

I used them again when I started my donut business.

Affirmations were an introduction to the Law of Attraction for me.

Nasty Journaler, Meditator and LOA Believer

A couple years after starting my donut business, I found a notebook where I had described my ideal business. When I wrote those lines I was a member of the Idaho State Bar, looking for a way to earn a living as a lawyer.

The Universe knew better. In the spring of 2009 I was guided to take a trip to Seattle where I discovered a mini donut stand at Pike’s Place Market. A few weeks later I had my own machine at farmers’ market and the perfect business for me and my family.

I can look back now and recognize the other times the Universe directed me to what I needed.

Baker Extraordinaire and Winner all the way

I eventually opened a donut shop and not long after was invited to compete on Donut Showdown on the Cooking Channel. (I still have no idea how they found me.) I will never forgot the ride to the studio on that dark February morning in Toronto, listening to my fellow donut shop owners discuss their work. Imposter syndrome was in full force. And guess what. I told Imposter Syndrome to fuck off, sent the other competitors home, and won $10,000!

For the curious mind.. here's my list of certificates...

Infinite Possibilities Trainer

Reiki Master

Intuitive Energy Healer

Spiritual Life Coach

Donut Showdown Mardi Gras Champion

Former Member Idaho State Bar 2006-2014

Stories matter...

Before I realized what my intuition was, I was following signs and inspiration.

One message came on a March morning in 2009 when I was pregnant with my fourth child, still pushing myself to find a way to practice law. It was a strong clear message. Go to Seattle.

Five weeks later I was selling mini donuts at the farmers’ market.

A new world opened up to me three years later when I found the notebook where I had described my ideal business, and it was not a law practice.

The donut business I started was the manifestation of my ideal business.

Only recently have I been able to look back to realize other signs of divine guidance.

When I doubt myself and what I’m working toward, I try to remember all the ways the Universe has guided me and spoken to me.

I was lead to introduce myself to my husband.

I was lead to share a vision with a group of women that resulted in the Women Lighting the Way Summit.

I was lead to adopt a cat three hours away that ended up not triggering my allergies.

I was lead to stop riding the Green Line light rail to work that turned into a new job with paid parking.

Whenever we get out of our own way, we allow miracles to occur.

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